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How do I edit my WordPress Pages and posts?


This tutorial gives an overview of the basic editing techniques in WordPress. It includes: removing pages, the differences between quick edit and full editing views for pages/posts, reordering pages, editing text, editing images, the visual versus the html views in WordPress, how to password protectpages, how to change a blog category and how to close comments on a blog post.

Installing WordPress(CPanel Server)

*NOTE* WordPress is only supported on Silver or higher hosting packages!

First you should visit wordpress.org and download the latest wordpress installation files. Once the files are downloaded and extracted open your FTP client and connect to the server. Copy all of the wordpress files into the public_html folder.

While the files are copying you can log into the cpanel and get your database setup. Go to yourdomainname.com/cpanel using the same username and password you used for ftp access. Find the databases section and select “MySQL Databases”. (This will only show up if you have Silver or higher hosting)

The database name is prefixed with your username and an underscore. Type in a database name and click “Create Database”. Write down the database name, including the automaticly added prefix, as you will need this later.

Once the database is created click “Go Back” and scroll down to the MySQL Users section. The database username will be prefixed with your cpanel username and an underscore. Type in the database username and create a password or use the Password Generator. Write down this username, including the prefix, and the password.

Once the database username is created click “Go Back” and scroll down to the “Add User To Database” section. Make sure the correct database and username are selected and then click “Add”.

Check the “All Privileges” checkbox at the top and then click “Make Changes”.

You can now close the cpanel window. Make sure all wordpress files have transfered to the server. Once the files are done copying go to your website. yourdomain.com. You should see the following message. Click “Create a Configuration File” then click “Let’s Go!” on the next prompt.

Enter the Database Name, Database Username, and Password we created earlier. Database Host and Table Prefix should be left as is. Click “Submit” and then click “Run the install”

Now you just need to put your Site Title in, and create your WordPress username and password. Please do NOT user admin for your username, as it will be MUCH more likely to get hacked. Also try to make a secure password. We recommend at least 8 characters, an upcase letter, a number, and a symbol. Once you are done click “Install WordPress” and you are done.

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