World Class Email services include a killer Webmail Package that includes

  • Gigabytes of Storage
  • Web Mail
  • Web Calendar
  • Web Tasks
  • Web Notes
  • Web Storage/Backup Services
  • Spam/Virus Management
  • Mailing Lists
  • Unlimited Forwards
  • 1 Email Account is $5.00/month or $60.00/year


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Bulk Email Campaign Services

(Starting as low as $10/month)

Top Features

  • Start sending within minutes
  • Pick from dozens of templates
  • Free Image Hosting
  • Manage multiple lists and subscribers
  • Upload your subscriber list
  • See how your email will look into multiple clients, including Outlook & Thunderbird.
  • Test your email to make it won’t get blocked by spam filters.
  • Integrate with your website
  • Automatic bounceback management
  • Create timed autoresponders
  • Link tracking
  • Detailed reporting and statistics
  • Unsubscribe link management
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Easily manage and control unlimited mailing lists.
  • Create custom fields (e.g. age, income range, etc.) for subscribers to complete.
  • Upload existing subscriber list via CSV file.
  • Preview emails as they will look into multiple clients (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Test your emails so that they won’t get caught by spam filters.
  • Track link clicks and view detailed reports about every mailout.
  • Let us handle all bouncebacks and unsubscribe requests.
  • Stay CAN-SPAM compliant.

Prices – 30 Day Free trial

  • Starter Light 0-500 $10
  • Medium 501-3,000 $24
  • Heavy 2,501-5,000 $39
  • Pro 5,001-10,000 $55
  • Super Pro 10,001-20,000 $75
  • 20,000+ Call for pricing

This service is very similar to Constant Contact just not as expensive.  Our Bulk email
allows your business to stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis.


Start Sending Within Minutes

With Bulk email services, your account is created instantly!
That means you can send out emails to your readers as soon as you have added your
subscribers to your list and prepared your campaign.

Use Our Templates or Upload Your Own

With dozens of stunning templates to choose from, including industry-specifictemplates, you’ll
be able to create a message that aims to impress! Simply select the template you want to
use and then fill in the blanks. Creating a campaign is just like using a word processor – what
you see is what you get. If you’d prefer to create your own template or upload an existing
HTML file, then that option is available too.

Manage Multiple Lists and Add Your Own Custom Fields

Easily manage your subscribers through our great intuitive web interface. With our import utilities,
you can easily add multiple subscribers in seconds. And if your data contains additional
information that you want to import, such as the subscriber’s name, city, etc., then you can
map this information to your custom fields.


Protect the integrity of your subscribers by using your suppression list. If you add someone
to your supression list, they will never receive another email from you, regardless of what
mailing list you send to.

Taking the Headache out of

Campaign Management

FuseMail manages all bouncebacks and unsubscription requests. Within the web interface,
you’ll find a link to “Insert an Unsubscribe Link”. We’ll automatically generate the web
address needed if one of your subscribers wishes to remove themselves. Removal is instant,
so there is no chance of receiving complaints of unsubscribe requests not being honored
in a timely manner.

Bounced emails (both soft and hard) are processed and removed from your list for you
automatically, meaning your list is always clean. You can also export a list of which
email addresses bounced and see both soft and hard bounce details.

Built-in Spam Checking

What would be worse than to spend all that time preparing your message, only to have
it blocked by spam filters? With CampaignConnect, you can check your email to see how
it will fair. If we feel your email is too likely to get blocked, we’ll give you
feedback on what you can do to lower your spam score.

See What Your Message Will Look

Like in Different Clients

To insure maximum response, it’s important your email looks just right in every email client.
CampaignConnect provides functionality to let you preview your message in different email
clients without leaving our interface. Supported email client previews include Outlook,
Thunderbird, GMail, AOL, Yahoo and many others.
If we detect something that might not display properly, we’ll give you tips on how you can fix it.

Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant

Getting blacklisting is bad for both you and FuseMail, so it’s important our tool makes it easy
for you to stay in CAN-SPAM compliance. Along with instant unsubscription request honoring,
we also provide a suppression list where you can add email addresses who shouldnever be
contacted on any mailing list you manage in the future.
We also make it extremely easy to add your address to the bottom of each email. This helps

people remember where they signed up for your email and reduces the risk of it being marked as spam.
We automatically clean your list by providing automatic hard and soft bounce removal.
We also ask our staff to check your emails to make sure they’re CAN-SPAM compliant.


Our statistics reporting will tell you just about every stat you can think of when it comes
to your campaign management  requirements. Statistics include email open stats,
bounceback reports, unsubscribe statistics, new subscriber reports, autoresponder
information and more. Where possible, statistics are provided to you in graphs for
easy interpreting.
Within each email, we also provide link tracking. This allows you to track each specific

link within your message to see where people have travelled from your newsletter.

Website Integration

Easily create subscription forms for integration into your website. These forms will
let you add people to your mailing list. We also provide an option to CAPTCHA to
help avoid any bot from automating additions to your subscriber list.

Professional, Friendly Support
by Phone and Email

Our professional customer service team are available to assist you right through
setup, migration and managing your email campaigns. We are available both by
toll-free phone support an email.

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