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Shasta.com is grateful to all our customers. We work hard to earn your praise every day, 24/7. We hope that our top-quality service makes you happy to refer us to anyone you know or anyone who asks about the services we provide. We are a local business that depends heavily on word of mouth advertising and references from our many satisfied customers.

We are happy to give any customer a free month of service, when they refer us to a family member, friend, business or acquaintance. For this to happen as easily as possible, we ask that any new customer give us your name at the time they sign up for new services so that we can acknowledge that customer appropriately. In lieu of a new customer referring us, any existing customer may give us the name of the new customer on the form below and we will be happy to confirm and acknowledge the new business and credit your account with one month of service. If you have more than one monthly service with us, we will credit your account with the dollar amount like what the new customer signed up for. Website Development referrals from existing customers will have their account credited with one month worth of the hosting services that the new customer signs up for.

Thank You
Shasta.com Staff.


Customer Referal Program

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