Danny Machal personifies in full—and from day to day to day—what a professional is and what a professional does.  Danny has all the arcane skills of the geekiest of geeks but turns out to be a fully-blooded young man who communicates face to face and voice to voice with as much social adroitness as the kid in your high school class who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.”  Were it not for Mister Machal, our website (www.osupa.org) would have failed from the get-go.  I love the guy.  Being 68 and married, I must stress that “I love the guy” is entirely rhetorical and only stated here to make a point.  That point is…you can trust Danny Machal.  Call me at 208-514-1506 and I will be glad to elaborate if you wish.

Jud Blakely – OSUPA

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