The webmail portal provides a facility to import E-mail and Contacts from other sources. Contacts can be imported via a comma separated value file. E-mail can be pulled off of a mail server via IMAP, migrating the folder structure and status of your messages in the process.

Note that there are a few of caveats. Contact address books that contain any commas within the address book itself will be problematic and requires workarounds to get a successful import. Also, the E-mail migration wizard is not very good at showing the status of the process. In fact, once the process begins it is best to walk away and ignore it until it is done. How long it will take depends on the amount of mail you have to migrate, and attempting to migrate the mail more than once will create duplicates. If you have any difficulties, we can perform the migration for you. Please contact us for the specifics. Finally, these instructions are based upon migrating from our old e-mail system, to the new system started using in 2016. These instructions may work importing from other systems with some minor modifications.

Contact Migration

Begin by exporting your current address book in cvs format.

Login to the current webmail portal at
Select the Person icon on the far left, this represents the Contacts menu. From the “Actions” drop down select: Import/Export → Import Contacts Import
When asked to provide the file, select the one you just exported and saved. If you should end up with fewer than the expected number of contacts, chances are there is at least one comma in your old address book. Please contact us for further assistance.

Message and Folder Migration

If you are not still logged into webmail from above, log into the current web mail system here:

Select the Gears icon on the far left, this represents the Settings menu. Expand the Advanced Setting menu if needed, and select Mailbox Migration. Migration - Menu
Select Other and click Next. Step 1
Check E-mail, and only E-mail and click next. Step 2
Select IMAP, enter “”, port 993, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, and YOUR OLD PASSWORD. Check the Requires SSL box. If you are migrating from something other that the old E-mail server, you will need to get the proper settings from your old provider.

Click Test Connection.

Step 3
If everything is entered correctly, and all goes well it will test ok and the Test Connection button with change to Next.

Click Next.

 Step 4
Click Start Step 5
The Import has started, walk away and come back later. You might even want to give it a couple hours. Don’t expect it to tell you what it is doing.

When it is done it MIGHT give you a done message. It might not. The best way to tell is if all of the mail is where it belongs. You can close this box at any time and it will continue to move your mail until it is finished.

Step 6 - status