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Annual Website Review Checklist

It is easy to forget about your website if you are not running an eCommerce storefront.  Don’t make this same negligent mistake many of your business competitors are making. You should be paying attention to your website as it is one of most important cogs in your business machine. Let me tell you why.

Your website is your silent business partner and the hardest working employee you have.  The website never takes breaks.  The website is working 24 hours a day 7 days a week being your public spokesperson, your customer service representative and your business card.

In most cases your website is working

for less than a dollar a day.

Think about that.

Your only on call round the clock employee works for nearly nothing.

A website is handling your customers more than half of the time you are personally able (it works more hours than you). You can make the time to do a yearly review of its components, updating contact information and giving some thought to improving the presentation/design.

Annual Website Review Checklist
(Download PDF)


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